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Fall/Winter 2023

Private and semi-private session ONLY

Offering only private and semi-private training sessions (not larger group classes) helps to create an environment where social distancing and thorough cleaning between clients is easily attainable as a business policy and part of our daily routine. Please feel free to contact me with any questions concerning our plans in place to provide a safe space for your fitness training needs or to make an appointment.






Fall/Winter 2023

The Pilates Center of NWI is a Private and Semi-Private Training Studio only. This enables me to on individual training protocols for my clients in a private, clean, and inviting space. If you have been looking for a health and wellness program that will lead to a healthier and happier you, contact me today. Get started on your personal fitness journey towards becoming a wellness warrior!

NEW! I am very excited to now offer Rossiter Stretching to my services. Rossiter Stretching is a powerful and unique two-person stretching technique designed to get you - the  "person in charge, aka PIC" out of pain fast. Avoid pain pills, surgery and shots and restore mobility in your body today!

As a Fitness Nutrition Specialist and One Day to Wellness Coach I am uniquely qualified to help you make adjustments to your food choices that can help you reach your goals. It's easier than you might think and results begin immediately. Look and feel your best!

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