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I am a full-time barber and avid weightlifter, so the hours of standing mixed with strength training has really taken a toll on my body. Jackie recommended that I try out a couple of sessions of Rossiter to help with some minor pains and tightness. After the first session, I knew that this would be a huge benefit to both my body and life in general. She was able to relieve my back pain and relax the muscles in my hands and legs. I highly recommend trying this if you have any kind of strenuous work or hobbies.

Mitch S

Jackie has an extremely extensive knowledge and ability to "change things up" and tune into your body's needs. Best investment I've made for my body, especially my core!


Jackie fixed my shoulder issue with the first exercise of my session! I was in shock and almost went the full-on cry. Lol
Surgery one week prior and eager to get
full motion back. I'll do whatever it takes but I need someone with Jackie's mad skills to get my form correct. 5 stars baby!!! It wasn't difficult to book the next 3 weeks with her either as my schedule is very flexible which helped.

Sonia M

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